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Grief and Loss

Feeling of grief and loss are very normal feelings can be felt about many different kinds of situations. The loss does not have be to great for someone to experience a grief and/or loss process but when it is when this process becomes too complicated that people can become overwhelmed. 

Complicated grief occurs when someone looses their ability to live their life normally due to a loss. People across cultures and each individual can experience grief differently and there is often no one single way to uncomplicate a grief process. 

People that experience complicated grief can often have other concerns such as with anxiety and depression that can make things more unmanageable. For people that are interested in finding help to overcome their complicated grief find therapy to be useful for their grief process but also other complications. 

Often the sooner that a person becomes aware of their own complicated grief or the complicated grief in someone they care about are able to access services like therapy the less complicated their grief can be.

It is acknowledged that not everyone has this awareness and their complicated grief can take some time to come forward. There are also times that there is a lot of support after a loss but this support can become less and less and grief can become more and more complicated. There are also times when people go through multiple losses or one loss after another that does not allow them to process their grief. 

If you or someone you care about has some complications surrounding grief please call or email to see how we can help. 

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