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Clinical Counselling

Counselling can be a challenging, constructive, and rewarding process where a person is able to learn skills and acquire new knowledge to make the changes they need to be more successful. Tall Tree Clinical Counsellors strive to provide a safe place to help a person identify their strengths, what has worked for them in the past to allow them to be successful again, and to look toward challenges with a solution focus.

Clinical Counselling can be delivered face to face, over the phone, or through skype. 

Clinical Counselling can be done one on one, with couples, families, and groups. 

Tall Tree Clinical Counsellors are Registered Clinical Counsellors and members of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. This means that Tall Tree Clinical Counsellors have hundreds of hours working clinically with clients on top of their years of experience in many mental health care fields. This also means that Tall Tree Clinical Counsellors are mandated to continue to develop their skills and their areas of specialization. At this time Tall Tree Clinical Counsellors specialize in working with children and youth, adults, and the aged and the elderly. Tall Tree Clinical Counsellors have areas of clinical specialization in the areas of stress and anxiety; depression; disabilities and chronic pain; violence, abuse, and trauma; substance use, misuse, and abuse; grief and loss; transitions and relationships.

If you or someone you know would like more information about the Clinical Counsellors at Tall Tree Counselling and Consulting Services or the services that they provide please free to call or email.

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