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Anxiety of one of the most common concerns for people across cultures and it can be experienced anytime throughout the lifespan.

Anxiety is also one of the most common concerns that people bring to therapy.

The feeling of anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing but when anxiety is experienced to the point where a person's qualify of life is effected it might be time to seek therapy.

Anxiety be something experienced short term or long term and working with a clinical counsellor might allow for the return of feelings of normalcy and even the opportunity to raise one's quality of life.

There are many different ways to alleviate anxiety and often the more a person seeks different strategies to work with their anxiety they are able to find what works for them.

A very common treatment of anxiety is medication. It is always good to understand and have questions about medication and anxiety with your family doctor. Often, medication and therapy can be the solution to short term and long term anxiety.

If you feel that anxiety stops you or someone you care for from living your life to the fullest with a high quality of life call or email we can see if we can help. 

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